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02/07/2018: Jorge Ricardo achieved the new world record

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(1) Races won in Brazil are included

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(4) Races won in Uruguay, Argentina and the rest of South America are included

(5) Races won in Peru, Japan, Dubai, Trinidad and Tobago are included


Jorge Ricardo 1

Jorge Ricardo-Londres1 Jorge Ricardo, the south american legend, in a duel with Russell Baze to get the world record of most races won has come to an end.

The fight of a lifetime, more than 40 years racing has gotten its price, he is finally the jockey who has won more races in the history of horse races.

Born on 09/30/1961 in Rio de Janeiro (Brasil), won his first race on 11/11/1976 with the horse Taim, trained by his father, Antonio Ricardo.

Since 1982 to this day he has won 30 yearly statistics, 26 in Brazil and 4 in Argentina, the last one in 2012.

In 1993 beat the brasilian record wining 477 victories in one year.

In 2008, Jorge Ricardo beat the argentinian record wining 467 races in one year.

Now Jorge Ricardo runs in the Racetracks: Argentino de Palermo, San Isidro and La Plata of Argentina.

Out of Brazil he run in Argentina (country where he nowdays resides), Peru, Uruguay, Chile, the USA, France and United Kingdom.

He succeeded more than 180 races Grade 1, included the “Gran Premio Internacional Latinoamericano” on five occasions, which is the most important event of southamerican turf, when his immediate persecutors have done it only on 2 occasions.

The best horse that has run was Much Better, it was a real champion.

Racing Awards:  Pellegrini de Oro 2007, Olimpia de Plata 2008, Jorge Newbery 2010.

Jorge Ricardo confessed to me that his dream is to end his career placed in history of world turf as the most winner of all times, and he’ll only think of retire after Russell Baze does and with the world record in my hands.

In January 9, 2008 Jorge Ricardo breaks another record, he is the first jockey in history who reaches the incredible number of 10,000 triumphs.

In May 26, 2013 breaks another record, he is the first jockey who reaches the 12,000 victories.

In February 7, 2018 he makes the most important record by winning 12.845 races and becoming the jockey with most races won in all history.


R. Baze Russell Baze, the winningest jockey in the United States, in fight with Jorge Ricardo to achieve the world record for race wins.

Born in Vancouver, Canada on 08/07/1958, won his first race on 10/28/1974 with the horse Oregon Warrior trained by his father, Joe Baze.

On 13 occasions he won the yearly statistics of jockeys in USA, the last one in 2014.

He performs mainly in every racetrack of northern California (USA).

For 13 times Russell Baze surpased the 400 yearly triumphs, breaking all records in the USA, while only won 5 races of Grade 1 in his large campaign.

The most important victories were gotten with the horse Lost in the Fog.

Racing Awards: George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award (2002), Isaac Murphy Award (1995 – 2003 and 2005 – 2009), Eclipse Special Award (1995).

In 1999 he entered the Hall of Fame (National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame).

In February 1, 2008 Russell Baze reached the 10,000 triumphs.

In July 7, 2013 reached the 12,000 victories.

In June 14, 2016 announced his retirement.




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